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Keep Training In-Season to Improve

Training often takes a back seat once the season begins.  This is a huge mistake and a quick way to lose any gains you made in your off-season program.  Not only should you lift to maintain, you should be looking to improve as the season goes on.  However, soreness is never a good thing during the season.  Eric Cressey just wrote a great post on some great lifts to use in-season to limit soreness.  These lifts limit eccentric stress which is more likely to cause soreness.  One note is to make sure these exercises are included in your off-season training as the season is not a time to add new exercises as that also is a recipe for soreness.




This is a very important principle that often gets overlooked in training and coaching.  Everyone is always looking for the new greatest exercise on youtube and are changing their programing constantly.  In anything, the best performers are the best at the fundamentals.  If you want to get stronger, KEEP IT SIMPLE.

Train pushing, pulling, your legs and core making sure to consistently progress exercises to increase intensity or volume.  Sure there are some other variables to consider as all individuals have differing needs and training backgrounds, but more people run into the problem of trying to be too cute with their programing than just focusing on the fundamentals and staying consistent.