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Stay consistent to Achieve More

Be consistent.  This is the biggest key when trying to make a change in your life or reach a big goal.  Whether it is improving one’s career, losing 50 pounds or becoming a better hitter, being consistent is key to accomplishing what you want to achieve.  The bigger the task, the more important consistency becomes.  No one loses 50 pounds in a week.  They lose 2 to 3 pounds a week by staying consistent in diet and exercise on a daily basis.

This philosophy works in just about any area.  You can’t change what you did yesterday and it isn’t tomorrow yet.  You are in control of now.  Winning innings is the key to winning games just like winning at bats is the key to winning innings.  If you are still hung up on the last innning or at bat or worried about the next one, your performance in the present will suffer.  Stay in the present and big goals become smaller piece by piece.

It is often said that half the battle is showing up.  To show up you must be present in body AND mind.